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2019 District 6 Seattle City Council Election: Heidi Wills or Dan Strauss

What's this?  Election Day is November 5th!

The city of Seattle is divided into 7 geographic districts for electing representatives to the Seattle City Council.  The council sets policies and passes laws for the entire city.  There are two additional seats for citywide representatives.  The nine members of the Seattle City Council each serve four year terms and earn up to $130,000 per year for the honor:-)

District 6 is comprised of these neighborhoods:

Ballard, Blue Ridge, Crown Hill, East Ballard, Fremont, Green Lake, Greenwood, Loyal Heights, North Beach, Olympic Manor, Phinney Ridge, Shilshole, Sunset Hill, West Woodland, Whittier Heights.

Voting process and timing in Seattle, King County.

The vote for Seattle City Council is organized and managed by King County.  Voters receive ballots in the mail starting October 16, 2019.  It is not necessary to enter a vote for every decision.  If you vote only for District 6 Seattle City Council race, and nothing else, then your vote will still count.  Voters must drop off or mail back their ballot no later than November 5th.  More on the voting process in King County.

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The original field of candidates

Can YOU vote for Seattle City Council?

You probably already know whether or not you are allowed to vote for Seattle City Council.  If you are a registered King County voter residing in Seattle, then you should be good to go.  For most Seattle residents, the law requires simply that you be a US citizen (born or naturalized) and be at least 18 years old (by time of election on November 5, 2019).  If you qualify, but are not registered to vote, then DO IT HERE (it's free).

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