Majestic Bay Theatres

Majestic Bay Theatres

2044 NW Market Street Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 781-2229



- Built in 1914, this triplex movie theater was completely refurbished in 2000 by sixth-generation Seattle resident, community leader and race horse breeder, Ken Alhadeff.

- Located in the heart of Ballard, Majestic Bay Theatres is truly majestic, an ode to the legacy of motion picture exhibition with the most modern equipment, a perfect place to catch a movie and dinner afterwards.

- The theater remains true to the proclamation by Mr. Alhadeff on opening day, "Our intention is that the Majestic Bay is an intimate, modern theatre with a high emphasis on customer service. I want people to leave there and go, ‘Wow!" 


Aaron Alhadeff, President Eattles Theatres

Brent Siewert, General Manager

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