Restaurant, Hospitality and Retail Industry:  A Proactive Response to Coronavirus

This tool is to share best practices adopted by businesses united in containing COVID-19 while continuing to serve the community and customers.  Your participation in this program is critical. Please follow the instructions below.

You can help local food companies who are working hard to stay open by sending them a link to the Open in Seattle Reporting Form.   Thank you!  They will surely appreciate it.

Open in Seattle Reporting Form - here's the link: 


View Open in Seattle Reports:

Download Open in Seattle Data in CSV:

Open in Seattle RSS Feed - here's the link:

For help, contact us.

For help, contact us.

Embed Reporting Form:  Include reporting form directly into your website with this script. 

Embed Results:  Include list of WA Food & Beverage businesses operating during the coronavirus outbreak in WA state with this code.